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Gautam Ramchandani

Gautam Ramchandani

“My experience with Hayden Law has been great. Frances and her staff were well-organized and efficient in processing my H-1B visa, and I feel absolutely comfortable handing over all my future immigration issues to her firm.”

— Gautam Ramchandani, India

Woo Jean Chung

Woo Jean Chung

“It is always so comforting to work with Frances and I’m so lucky to have met her. 

As soon as I got the F-1 visa, I applied and got an internship at a local law office. I can’t thank your staff and Frances enough.”

— Woo Jean Chung, South Korea

Bobby and Ritika Bhasin

Bobby and Ritika Bhasin

“I am here today safe and secure in this great country because of you guys.”

— Venus (Bobby) Bhasin, India

Nirav Shah

Nirav Shah

“Frances Hayden and her staff are absolutely incredible! The routine of going from a F-1 to H-1 back to F-1 put me in a position that restricted travel.

Every lawyer I had consulted advised me against seeking a visa stamp. The law office of Frances Hayden made the seemingly impossible very straightforward and simple.

Starting from the client intake, the process leading up to a visa stamp on the passport was seamless and efficient. Her staff is very prompt, courteous, friendly and supportive. I never expected the endeavor to be such a positive experience.

In the post 9/11 world of homeland security and visa processes that often do not make a lot of sense, it is a blessing to have Frances Hayden and her brilliant staff.”

— Nirav Shah, India

“I thank you all for helping me out during my case, for being so supportive, and being there for me all the time. Thanks to Frances for taking up my case and relieving me from one of my big nightmares. Thanks again for all of you for being so patient with me.”

— Satish Kaipa, India

“Thank you. I am overhwhelmed by the kind of service I received from you and your staff. You definitely have a bunch of gems working with you…Taleen and each one of them has answered my queries with utmost professionalism.

I sincerely appreciate the fact that my case was handled with much ease and satisfaction, especially given the tumultuous situations after 9/11. I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends who need any legal advice regarding visa and immigration services.”

— Abid Hussain, India

“I do not know how to thank you, but I will just say thank you again.

Let me compliment you on how you conduct yourself. For me indeed you were not wrong when you said, ‘Your guardian angel is here.’

You were an attorney with dignity and poise. I have no other word except to say you were perfect for your job. In the process, you are helping bring succor to many lives, especially mine.

Keep on your mission and blessings flow.”

— Victor P. Chintala, India

The above testimonials are the spontaneous comments sent to us by our clients. They should not be taken as a guarantee of success with any particular immigration matter. Each case is different and must be evaluated by our office or another immigration professional.