Daniela Hill, Case Manager

Daniela is a graduate of the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, where she completed her degree at the School of Legal and Social Studies. In addition, she spent seven years working at a number of job assignments in Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs before moving to Los Angeles. Daniela works closely with Frances to ensure excellent service to our clients. She monitors the progress of all the active cases in the office–Daniela supervises the day to day preparation of documents and forms both for clients who are preparing for visa appointments at U.S. consulates or embassies overseas, and clients whose cases are being filed with USCIS here in the U.S. In addition, she is adept at the preparation of all types of immigration petitions. Daniela supervises all written translations that are needed in the cases we file, as well as written client communications in Spanish. In the future she will be working on a Spanish translation for the HaydenLaw website which will be an extremely valuable addition to the services that we offer. Daniela plans to enter law school in Los Angeles next year and after passing the California State Bar exam will change her role to attorney with HaydenLaw.

In her spare time Daniela enjoys live music, especially her favorite band “Los Pinguos.”