STEM Jobs Act passes House – Bill Would Eliminate Visa Lottery

The STEM Jobs Act would create new visa categories for foreign PhD and masters graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and eliminates the diversity immigrant program. That program is commonly known as the “Visa Lottery”  Summary of Stem Jobs Act

On 11/20/12 the House Rules committee posted a modified version of H.R. 6429, the STEM Jobs Act. Summary of Modifications to Stem Jobs Act

The White House issued a Statement of Administration Policy opposing H.R. 6429. The administration objects to the piecemeal approach to immigration reform and prefers a more comprehensive change in current law. The bill was introduced by a Republican, Representative Smith from Texas.

Today, the House of Representatives debated and voted on a modified version of  the STEM Jobs Act. It  passed by a vote of vote of 245 to 139.  The measure now moves to the Senate for possible consideration.

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