“Based on the recommendation of friends familiar with HaydenLaw’s work, Frances Hayden was my first choice of an attorney when I recently applied for an O-1 visa. She, Taleen DeArcangelis, and their entire team were quick, thorough, and professional as they shepherded my case through the U.S. immigration system.

The happy ending is that I now have a work permit that allows me to perform in America. The bonus is that the people at the heart of HaydenLaw are not just legal eagles to me—through this positive experience they’ve also become friends.”

— France Joli, International Recording Artist

Matthieu & Nicole Silberstein

Matthieu & Nicole Silberstein

“My application for permanent resident was approved this morning…We both want to thank you again for your help. Every person we know who had to go through that process had told us it was the hardest and most painful thing they every had to do. It took more than a year for most of them. But Nicole and I agreed that since we moved to LA, the permanent resident application was probably one of the easiest things we had to go through, despite the heavy load of paperwork. You made the process very clear and stress free and made it sound simple, which was obviously a huge help.

It was actually easier to get a green card for me in the US than to get a 1-year student visa for Nicole in France. And that was a really big surprise for me!…Thank you again so much. Merci.”

— Matthieu Silberstein is the writer-director of “Colors Under a Cloud” selected for screening at New Filmmakers Los Angeles in 2012.

Heiko Obermoeller

Heiko Obermoeller

“When I was cast in the romantic comedy “Oy Vey, My Son Is Gay” in 2009, I needed fast and reliable help with completing my O1 visa application. I remember we were only weeks away from shooting the feature and getting work papers for the United States was imperative for being able to act in this film.

It is because of the fast, honest and precise work of Frances Hayden and Taleen DeArcangelis that I got my visa in no time and was able to work on that production. They even worked on weekends to get my application done in time.

A big “Thank You!” to everyone in this office, it is because of their fantastic work and truthful advice that I could be part of this wonderful movie. Up to this day, “Oy Vey” has won more than 20 international movie awards and started off my career in my new home–the United States of America.”

— Heiko Obermoeller, Film and Television Actor

Antonio Merlano

Antonio Merlano

“My experience with Hayden attorneys at law was amazing from the very first meeting I held with Frances Hayden and her excellent staff. They were confident and made me feel very positive toward the final goal as we embarked on a journey that lasted far less than I was expecting when I received the approval notice.

Thanks to the flawless work at HaydenLaw I am a step closer to my dream here in Hollywood and I will always be thankful toward them, as I know they have helped me open the first door, the golden ticket for a foreign actor, the O1 Visa.”

— Antonio Merlano is a writer, actor and producer of the acclaimed international feature film, “La Milagrosa.”

 Nishita and Mahesh Vashi Mayani

Nishita and Mahesh Vashi Mayani

“I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the effort you and your staff put in on our cases. Both Mahesh and I were able to have a worry-free time in India and were able to truly enjoy our wedding since we had finished the stamping process.

We have each worked with you and your team twice now and you have not disappointed us. What I like most about your team is that they are very proactive. In my experience with other attorneys I have always had to be very careful and constantly follow up to make sure our papers were being taken care of in time. However at your office I found that your staff was always one step ahead of me and made sure that they had all their t’s crossed and i’s dotted. I never had to wonder if they were actually working on our case.

Thank you once again to everyone there.”

— Nishita and Mahesh Vashi Mayani, India

Vinayak & Parul Ghai

Vinayak & Parul Ghai

“The experience of dealing with Frances cannot be described in one word or in one paragraph. It’s been 18 months since I dealt with her and till now I am enjoying the benefits of her sincere guidance.

For other attorneys, the relationship is over once the job is done but this is certainly not the case with Frances. The beauty of dealing with Frances is that her relation with the clients actually starts once she has finished the job gracefully.

I had so many questions even after my H1 visa was stamped, but she never hesitated to answer any question and she is just an email away from her clients. Most of all she has first hand knowledge of her field and knows what she is doing. She really infuses that confidence in her clients to an extent that they don’t hesitate, even in front of U.S. Immigration.

Today I am living happily in U.S. I am well-settled in my life and all the credit goes to my Frances. Here is a picture of my marriage with my wife which took place in India.”

— Vinayak Ghai, India

Rev. Limakatso Nare

Rev. Limakatso Nare

“I thought I would put my verbal thank you in writing but find myself struggling with the question of where do I begin? What you have done for me (i.e. helping me get an R-1 visa given the circumstances) is priceless.

I mean, there you were standing by me, vouchsafing for me against all odds. That meant a lot to me, and needless to say, it was a defining moment for me and certainly an unforgettable one. No one can put a price tag on that–it’s priceless. Overwhelmed is an understatement but it’s the closest word that I can find to describe how I felt and am still feeling now.

I know you see your job as a profession, but I see it as a calling. God has called you to serve him in that capacity, as an immigration lawyer helping his people. May his rich blessings continue to remain and abide with you as you continue serving him in that corner of his vineyard. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so preachy, but I can’t help it since I am a pastor.

Once again, thank you for being a lifesaver.”

— Rev. Limakatso Nare, Pastor, Zimbabwe (Mount Zion Lutheran Church, New Orleans)

The above testimonials are the spontaneous comments sent to us by our clients. They should not be taken as a guarantee of success with any particular immigration matter. Each case is different and must be evaluated by our office or another immigration professional.